The Docs Without Borders Film Festival competition operates under the Roman Pictures umbrella of production organizations, including but not limited to WRPN.TV entertainment news.  Roman Pictures has been producing award-winning movies for more than two decades;  all of its productions have their own IMDb pages with individual award listings.  Having been in the business since before the advent of Hi-def personal video cameras and the internet, we are well aware of the ever-increasing difficulty that quality indie films are having in respect to getting their projects noticed. 

There is a huge over supply of indie movies. The numbers indicate that at least 30,000 new movies and videos of all kinds (both indie and major) are released every year. Our quest to showcase you to distributors that will actually view your film will help you wade through the sea of films that those distributors are bombarded with every day:  we move you to the front of the line.

It has been a painstaking process to collect a few distributors who are willing to view winners in our top categories, but we want to help those who stand out because the blood, sweat and tears that go into a quality movie, should not go without acknowledgment and recognition.  And while we cannot guarantee that the distributors that we are working with will actually pick up a top winner, we hope that getting even one film past the gates and into a distributors hands will be the ultimate satisfaction: for you, for us, and for the distributor.  Everyone wins.

Your trailers will also be seen on our entertainment news website, WRPN.TV…this places your trailer right next to red-carpet celebrity interviews from the Turner Classic Movies festival and others, showcasing great stars from great films that frame the history of movie making.  And you will be right there with them.

Thank you for participating in the Docs Without Borders Film Festival, and may you find all the success and recognition that you deserve.